Islamic Burial Package

  • Basic services of Funeral Director and Staff
  • Arranging for same day burial when possible, even on weekends
  • Bringing the Decedent into our care
  • Sheltering the Decedent in Climate Control room
  • Working with Hospital or Doctor to obtain Death Certificate
  • Filing paperwork with County Health Department to obtain Burial Permit
  • Working with Coroner’s office when necessary
  • Providing Post Autopsy care when necessary
  • Preparation and disinfection of Decedent for religious washing (Ghusl) and visitation
  • Provide a Modern, State approved, fully equipped Washing Room
  • Provide disposable gowns, gloves, face masks to family members who would participate in washing (Ghusl)
  • Provide supplies like Soap, Shampoo, Camphor, Towels, Halal perfume for Ghusl
  • Provide pre-cut Male or Female Shroud (Kafan)
  • Shrouding (Kafan) the Islamic way
  • Casketing for viewing by family and friends at our Funeral Home
  • Use of our facility and Seating arrangement for visitation by family and friends
  • Preparation for transportation to a local Mosque for Janaza prayers
  • Transportation to local Islamic Cemetery or Cemetery of your choice
  • Catering Service, light snacks and beverages after burial at our facility (Optional)
  • Children and Infant service

We provide these Funeral Services at or below our cost to the community. Please consult with the Funeral Director.

  • Worldwide Shipping

We are approved by Department of Homeland Security and TSA to ship human remains out of the Country. We work with Emirates and Turkish Airlines to find best available shipping rates for South East Asian and Middle Eastern destinations. We also work with American and European Carriers for fastest and affordable prices to other States and European Countries.

Shipping Human Remains out of the Country requires the following, at the least;

  • Embalming the Body (Required by Law and the Airlines)
  • Washing and Shrouding (Ghusl and Kafan)
  • Death Certificate
  • Non-Communicable disease Certificate
  • Embalmer’s Affidavit
  • No-objection letter from the Consulate of receiving country
  • Burial / Transit Permit
  • Passport of the Decedent
  • Metal Casket with rubber seal
  • Casket packed in Air Tray (required by Airlines)
  • Cash payment to Airline for cargo space (chargeable weight)
  • Scheduling the earliest flight out with Airline
  • Transportation to San Francisco International Airport
  • Delivering to Airline Cargo and signing off the final documents


We work with the Hospital, the Doctor, County Health Department, the Consulate Staff, the Embalmer and the Airlines to obtain all required and necessary documents and to expedite the shipping at the lowest available cost