Our State Licensed Funeral Home has fully trained and experienced Muslim Staff. We provide the following services to help you through the most difficult time and to honor your loved ones.

  • Attending to your call 24/7/365
  • Transferring the deceased from hospital or home into our care
  • Preparing the deceased for religious washing
  • “Ghusl”, washing at our facility
  • “Kafan”, shrouding
  • Filing for Death Certificate and necessary Permits
  • Private Room for immediate family to spend final moments with their loved one
  • Rentable Hall for Quran recitation or public viewing
  • Transport in Funeral Van to Mosque for Funeral Prayer
  • Transport to the Cemetery
  • Funeral Coach/Hearse available for transportation to Cemetery
  • Discounted prices for Still born, New born and Infants
  • Transportation and Documentation Package for Mosques having their own Ghusl facilities


We also provide these Services;

  • Refrigerated Storage as per State Law
  • Affordable Casket or alternative container
  • Working with County Coroner’s Office
  • Receiving body from the Coroner
  • Preparation of body received from Coroner’s office
  • Arranging for Embalming if required by Law
  • Rental Casket for transportation if body will be placed directly in grave
  • Receiving the remains from other Funeral Homes
  • Shipping remains to other States or Foreign Countries
  • Death Notice / Request for Prayers / Obituary on our Facebook page
  • Pre-need Arrangements
  • Payment Plan for Funeral before you need it